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Crown H Cattle Company

Beltie Box, 1/8 Share

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Beltie Beef Box 1/8 Share - Natural, Ranch Raised, and Dry-aged Belted Galloway Beef


Share of Minimum 40 lbs. includes:

  • Premium Steaks: 6 lbs. of Rib Eye, New York, and Filet
  • Family Steaks: 6 lbs. Assortment of Buckaroos, Skirt, Flank, etc.
  • Roasts: 10 lbs. Assortment of Roasts, Brisket, Tri-Tip, etc.
  • Ribs: 5 lbs.  Short and Korean Ribs, Osso Buco
  • Ground Beef: 35 lbs.

If you wish, additional items such as beef tongue, heart, oxtail, liver, marrow bones can also be provided.

The total price includes beef processing fees and delivery (enter code Ship Free within 300 mile delivery area).