Crown H Cattle Company

Do you know where your beef comes from?
Keeping it local is a way of life for us. Our Belted Galloway Heritage cattle are raised naturally and finished on our ranch - we even grow our own hay.

Our delicious artisanal beef is humanely processed and dry-aged locally for 14-20 days. We ship (on Mondays) using dry ice in special insulated boxes and offer free local delivery.

From our ranch to your dinner table.


Supporting Small Towns

Crown H Cattle Company is located in rural Scott Valley, at the top of the state of California. We raise our beef naturally with grass and alfalfa hay grown by us.

Family-run Ranching Life

When you buy Crown H Cattle Company beef, you not only get delicious hand raised beef but also help support our family and our rural way of life. Read about our adventures on our blog.

Dispatches from the Ranch

Why Belted Galloways?

We chose Belted Galloways for their build, temperament, foraging ability, and double-hair coat that allows the cattle to thrive in various conditions. Their unique qualities and Omega 3 fatty acid ratio make for the healthiest, lean marbled meat (<2% fat) and a tastier, juicer, more flavorful beef.

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  • Seasoning

    All you need is salt and pepper for delicious steaks, or season with locally made Acme Salt for a knock-the-boots-off-you flavor!

  • Wine pairings

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  • Crown H Cattle Dinners

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