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Crown H Cattle Company

Beltie Beef Grilling Box

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Beltie Beef Grilling Box

We get actually get 4 beautiful seasons here on the ranch.  And, each one is lovely.  Our seasonal dry-aged Beltie Beef grilling boxes celebrate the best of each season on the ranch. 

We offer a grilling sample 12-15 lbs. box for $165.

For your Beltie Beef Grilling box, we will gather:

  • Premium Steaks: 1 Porterhouse, 1 Rib Eye
  • Family Steaks: 3 Family Steaks (Buckaroo, Skirt Steak, Top Sirloin, Flank, etc)
  • Ribs: 1 Korean Rib package
  • Ground Beef: (5) 1 lb. packages
  • Acme Salt: 1 container of our fav seasoning