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Crown H Cattle Company

Beltie Beef Sticks

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We use premium Beltie Beef Cross Rib and Chuck Roasts in our beef sticks for excellent flavor.  Packages are 8 oz. and come in two flavors:  Smoked Beef Pepper Sausage and Beef Sriracha Teriyaki.  Tasty on-the-go food and a family favorite to take up into the mountains.

The Smoked Beef Pepper Sausage Stick is a classic beef stick like the kind your grandfather would share with you.  It is mild and tasty with a slight kick of pepper. It has no soy ingredients.

The Beef Sriracha Teriyaki Stick has zesty flavors and spices tempered with teriyaki sweetness.  This Beltie Beef stick flavor is a family favorite. With the teriyaki flavor, this stick contains soy sauce powder.

If you have any left, refrigerate after opening.