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Crown H Cattle Company

Grass-fed & Grass-finished 12 month/$120 each month Ground Beef Share SUBSCRIPTION - Free Shipping

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12 month 1/2 grass-finished beef ground beef share

Beltie Grass-fed & Grass Finished Ground Beef 1/2 Share - Ranch, Naturally Raised, and Dry-Aged Belted Galloway Beef

12 month Subscription/$120 each month

Each monthly share includes 10 lbs. of Beltie grass-fed & finished beef.

All of our beef is fed from our pastures and with grass and alfalfa hay grown on the ranch. This offering of our beef is finished on grass and NOT finished with our regular barley mix.

This dry-aged grass-fed & grass-finished ground beef is great for meatballs, meat sauce, beef-a-roni, meatloaf, hamburgers, stir fry, casseroles, Thai basil beef (one of our favs), tacos, patty melts, stuffed peppers, bolognese, shepherd's pie, sloppy joes, stroganoff, salisbury steak, we find that the list is endless.

Our dry-aged beef ships frozen via UPS in a specially insulated box with dry ice from our ranch to your table. Single Animal Traceable - every share comes from 1 animal including ground beef. 

Price includes all beef cut, wrapped in plastic or butcher paper, and labeled with free shipping.  Monthly billing is done 14 days prior to the monthly shipment date. May skip a month.