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Crown H Cattle Company

Beltie Beef, 6 month/$175 each month SUBSCRIPTION for 1/2 share, Free Shipping

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1/2 share 6 month subscription

Beltie Beef 1/2 Shares - Ranch, Naturally Raised, and Dry-Aged Belted Galloway Beef

6 month Subscription/$175 each month

  • Each monthly share includes 20 lbs. of beef:

    • Premium Steaks: Rib Eye, New York, or Filet  2 lbs.

    • Family Steaks: Top Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron, Skirt, or Buckaroo, etc. 4 lbs.

    • Seasonal Roasts : Roast, Brisket, Osso Buco, or Tri Tip/Picanha  4 lbs.

    • Ribs: Beef Back Ribs, Short, or Korean 2 lbs.

    • Ground Beef: 9 lbs.

    Special monthly requests may be honored 

    Single Animal Traceable - every share comes from 1 animal including ground beef.  Price includes all beef cut, wrapped in plastic or butcher paper, and labeled. 

     Our dry-aged beef ships frozen via UPS in a specially insulated box with dry ice from our ranch to your table.

     Monthly billing is done 14 days prior to the monthly shipment date. May skip a month.  The total price includes processing fees and free delivery.